Workforce Registry is a statewide website that maintains demographic and verified educational information for members of the early care and education workforce. Their data system keeps track of your employment history, degrees, professional development hours, child development permits, credentials, and accomplishments. Visit CAregistry.org!

    Registry Overview Video



    1. Avoid sending multiple copies of your professional development hours, ECE units, child development permits, and teaching credentials
    2. The ability for Directors, Quality Counts rater, and stipend administrators to access to view your qualifications
    3. Quick access to your documents online
    4. Access to the Training Events Calendar to receive professional development hours

    Make an Account

    1. Open an internet browser
    2. Go to caregistry.org
    3. Click on "Create a Profile"
    4. Fill out the information. Use your personal email and write down your password
    5. Click the drop down menu and click on "employer license number." Then type in the license number.
      1. If you are a family child care owner, you can search by your "last name, first name."
      2. A window will pop up. If you see your employer, click "select."
      3. If you do not see your employer, click "employer/business not found."
    6. Fill out your employment information
    7. Complete your education information.
    8. You should see a page that says "The requested account has been created successfully!"
    9. Go to your email on the phone or on the computer
    10. Click on the "LoginSupport" email
    11. Click on the blue link. You are done!


    • AB212 Site Directors: You must sign-up for administrative access and complete your profile as soon as possible.
    • Title 22 Site Directors (not AB212): You must sign-up for administrative access and complete your profile by September 1st, 2019.
    • ALL ECE staff in Quality Counts: You must complete and maintain Workforce Registry profiles by June 30th, 2020.

    *Please see Resources for steps on how to sign up for administrative access and complete your profile


    Anna Miera | Registry Coordinator

    Alameda County Early Care and Education Program

    anna.miera@acgov.org | 510-208-9677